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Dancing Downtown with Kaylin

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Kaylin Horgan and I have a pretty fun history doing dance/modeling and photography. About 6 years ago (or was it more like 7?), a friend and I started an online fashion magazine to show off Pittsburgh's independent boutiques and designers. At the same time, I was working with a small dance company called The Pillow Project that did really cool improvisational performances in their industrial loft space in the East End of Pittsburgh and popped up around the city doing lots of experimental and unexpected dance. That's where I met Kaylin, a Point Park University dance major who we quickly brought in to model at the magazine. Kaylin was always willing to try things and push boundaries, she's a firecracker at about 5-feet tall with gorgeous curly red hair, and an intensity in her eyes that always made me so happy we casted her.

Skip ahead 6-7 years, during which we both moved away to various cities for various times, and now that I am back in Pittsburgh, we grabbed the first chance where we were both in town to do a dance shoot and rekindle the model/photographer magic. We met downtown at the very tall and colorful mural by Brian Holderman at Liberty Ave and Seventh Ave. Kaylin brought outfit ideas but I loved the white overalls she showed up in, and I basically demanded she leave that hair down, I mean... duh. Next we found an alley on Seventh, and our last stop was on Ft Pitt Blvd nearly across from CAPA, Kaylin's beloved performing arts high school, and overlooking the Monongahela River.