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Etsy Grand Opening in One Week!

Wild Blue WanderAbby GleasonComment

Spring brings new things... flowers, budding trees, hopefully warmer and drier weather (though not always) and also, the launching of a new venture for me. My entrepreneurial focus has been on my photography thus far, but I am excited to announce that I am entering the wonderful world of Etsy and trying my hand at selling my creations. The shop will focus on custom illustrations, hand lettering, invitations, and custom branding packages for small businesses. It shall henceforth be know as....
The Wild Blue Wander.

Here is a sampling of what is to come! These items will be for sale on my new shop on Friday, April 1. Subscribe to my mailing list to get notice when the shop is open for business!

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This will also bring about a big overhaul of my website here, to better showcase everything I am working on and offering. Stay tuned!

Happy Spring!